SHADOWFLIGHT - 'I'm where you don't want me, taking what you don't want me to... and loving it.'
Shadowflight Robot mode
Shadowflight Crow
FUNCTION: Espionage

Shadowflight is a top notch espionage expert who left the Autobots because she could no longer tolerate their hypocritical stand point, and accepted an invitation by Admiral Lilwall to join his group. She has found this to be worthwhile, making more use of her abilities than ever before. She tends to be rather quiet, but is a pleasant enough bot who can makes easily and fit in almost any conversation without difficulty. She sometimes has a short temper, and can become snappy from time to time, which can be a little off putting to some of her closer friends. Shadowflight loves the outdoors of Earth, and can usually be found outside enjoying a mountain view. She is a skilled espionage agent with a knack for code breaking and enjoys the rush she can get from risky missions, which seems to make her excell even further. She prefers to work in the dark, as she can blend into it easier.

In robot form, Shadowflight carries a meson blaster, and is somewhat of a sharpshooter. She is also skilled in hand to hand combat, for when enemies are to close. In crow mode, she can reach a height just on the outskirts of the upper atmosphere, but is unable to break orbit on her own. She can let out an amplified screech, that disables anyone in the immediate area long enough for her to make her escape. Her talons are razor sharp, and she can reach a top speed of mach 2.

When she does become more talkative, she sometimes tends to become too vocal, to the point where it seems like she is yelling, rather than speaking. She has moderate armor, and thus mainly relies on her skills to keep her from harm. Shadowflight can sometimes be too confident in her abilities on difficult missions, which may lead her into bad situations.

Art by Mark Wong.