KINETIC - 'If it doesn't belong to me, I want it.'

FUNCTION: Thief / Aquatic Warfare

Kinetic never could chose between Autobot or Decepticon as his preferred faction when he tried to join the war. Kinetic is a thief, and a good one at that. So good in fact, he doesn’t care who he steals from. Friend or foe, it doesn’t matter to him. He never ended up joining the war, as neither of the major factions wanted a being of his ability within their own ranks. Although somewhat disgruntled, Kinetic could see their point, but continued to steal none the less. After traveling space alone for some time, he found the mercenary group, Guardian Corps, and signed on with them. For some reason, he feels he cannot steal from them. Try as he might, he just can’t go through with it. Unknown to him, Guardian Corps’ leader, Devil Drive, added a line of programming to Kinetic while he was in a recharge cycle. This programming forbids Kinetic to steal anything belonging to Guardian Corps or it’s members. Kinetic on the other hand, simply believes he has found a group of beings that he deems special enough to not want to steal from.

Kinetic is a fairly carefree bot. He prefers to see the brighter side of things, but when things get serious, so does he. Enjoys the bar and its many beverages on Guardian Rock quite a bit. Not the quiet type, he is neither a chatterbox. Loves the thrill he gets from stealing, and feels compelled to own that which isn’t his. Kinetic also loves a good ocean, especially one with sunken treasures to be found. Not only does he own an enormous collection of all sorts of junk and nick-knacks, he has an equally large collection of riches. Kinetic is very wealthy, thanks to his skills as a thief, but doesn’t let it be known, as it would open himself up to other thieves. His stash of riches and everything else he’s ever stolen are hidden away in a cavern, located deep, deep beneath the ocean surface of a distant unexplored planet named Shackleton.

In robot mode, Kinetic is very nimble and agile. He has decent speed and forward thinking that gets him out of most trouble a thief would likely find themselves in. His armor plating is adequate enough to withstand an average amount of firepower before sustaining damage. In this mode he carries a rapid fire laser pistol, though it’s range is fairly limited and it requires constant charging as its rate of fire for its size drains it quickly. In hovercraft form, he can traverse the surface of any known liquid to a maximum speed of 296 kph with outstanding manoeuvring ability. He can also act as a deep see submarine, though this greatly reduces his speed and manoeuvring. In this form he is armed with standard laser weapons that can fire from the same housing where his propellers are mounted. These became inactive when in robot form however. He is also equipped with two low yield torpedoes in hovercraft form. In either form, he can make use of a special ability, telekinesis. He can move things with his mind, up to a certain size and weight. This is no doubt why he has become such an excellent thief.

While it is his greatest strong point, his theft addiction is also his biggest setback. He is generally disliked by most and cannot gain the trust of anyone. He can succumb to loneliness as a result, especially when those whom he genuinely seeks friendship from shun him as a criminal. Kinetic can sometimes bite off more than he chew on a mission, landing himself in trouble when he can’t escape with goods as he planned.

Art by Mark Wong.