VOLTS - 'Patience and wisdom are the virtue of a true warrior.'

SUBGROUP: Electrobot
Electric Warrior

For as long as he can remember, Volts has always remained neutral in the endless wars that have plagued the Transformer race. For many years he has resided on the Autobot colony world of Vega Prime, a prime strategic target for the Decepticons. Although more than able to defend himself, it was becoming something he found himself having to do almost everyday. He left Vega Prime and briefly traveled space before hearing about the Lilwall faction, who were largely neutral and tried to do what was right by others. He found them appealing, and after meeting with them, came to love their uniqueness.

Volts is as old as he is wise, rumored to have known Kup when even he was a young Autobot. Often called on by Admiral Lilwall for advice or information, he has millions of years experience both on and off the battlefield. Volts can get along with almost anyone, and very few ever find an unkind word to describe him. He can often be found in training sessions, of either hand to hand or armed combat in nature, or helping out with whatever tasks may need attention. While he is very active, he balances himself out with a well planned work and rest scheme to help keep both his body and mind fresh. All in all, Volts is a pleasant being to be around, and his company is always welcomed by comrades.

Upon joining the Lilwalls, he was assigned to the Electrobots and underwent reconstruction, though he still retained his original Vega Primia beast form. He has been given the talent to generate electrical fields of varying sizes and force, disrupting an opponent's systems and allowing him to strike. He is well trained in the ways of Metallikato, and Crystalocution, both Cybertronian forms of martial arts, as well as fast learning many Earth forms of martial arts as well. He is quick and deadly, leaving enemies helpless to defend against him. In both forms he is highly agile and a difficult target to lock on to. His ability to sneak up on opponents is second to none. He carries a sidearm only by the insistence of Admiral Lilwall, and chose to utilize a standard laser pistol. He true love is the sai. Having become enamored by this type of weapon when he first arrived to Earth, Volts soon became a master in their art. Combines with fellow Electrobots to form Sparkstorm.

His one true weakness is his dislike for ranged weaponry. While it can't be said he takes pleasure in fighting, when he does so, he prefers melee range. He is rather ineffective at long range attacks.

Art by Markatron. Colours by Admiral Lilwall.