STATIC - 'Hit them hard, hit them fast and worry about the rest later.'

SUBGROUP: Electrobot
FUNCTION: Electric Combat

A young, smooth talking, quick thinking studbot. Static is suave and sophisticated. Though completely confident of himself and his abilities, he lacks the oversize ego that usually accompanies such confidence. No doubt this is thanks to Volts, who took the once rash and unpredictable Static, and trained him to be an outstanding warrior. Static is quite the target of affections for a number of the female Lilwall forces, especially younger ones. He soaks the attention up like a sponge does water, after all, he is still young. Even so, Volts' strict training allows him to defeat the urge to show off to the ladies like he secretly wishes to. He does his best to always keep a brave face, usually to conceal how the toll of combat effects him. He has a strong distaste for combat, but will fight when called upon, despite his regard for it.

In firefly mode, Static can reach a speed of up to mach 2 and has great maneuverability. In robot mode, his preferred weapon is a adamantite blade. He becoming an exceptional swordsman, capable of reducing enemies to sliced scrap in a matter of microseconds. He is also armed with a taser gun that can fry the circuits of most average sized bots with little trouble. In both forms he can charge his entire body with electricity, making him lethal to touch. The degree of voltage he is able to generate is completely up to him. The higher the charge, the brighter he glows. Under training by Volts, he is learning the skills of Crystallocution and Metallikato, and is already becoming a deadly warrior.

Static's wings break down from time to time and are easily damaged due to how delicate they are. When charging his body with electricity, he consumes fuel at a much higher rate, putting himself in danger of shutdown if extensive use is made of this ability. On occasion he has used this ability to act as a light when operating in dark conditions. While useful, it also has the extremely high chance of given away his position. H keeps bottled the effects combat play on his emotional well being.

Art by Markatron. Colours by Admiral Lilwall.