SPARKSTORM - 'Words will never accomplish what hands will.'

FACTION: Lilwall
Electrical Super Warrior

Made up of the five Electrobots, Bodyshock, Recharge, Static, Volts and Discharge, Sparkstorm has little to say. His actions always proving to be more than enough for him. Thinks speaking unless necessary just gets in the way of his job, preferring to just go in, do his job, then get out. Has no liking for combat, but accepts his role, doing the best he can to defend those who need it. He is immune to any kind of electrical attack, even EMP, for long periods of time. Sparkstorm has the tendency to separate and become the Electrobots as soon as his work is done, as he sees no reason to continue when his components have things they could be attending. He is often one of the first to be put on the front lines during battles, mainly due to his ability to neutralize so many targets so quickly.

Sparkstorm is armed with a large EMP rifle, capable of frying large numbers of enemies from vast distances. When the enemy is too close for him to use his rifle, he can discharge EMP bursts from his very body. As if such talents weren't already enough, he is also capable of flinging bolts of electricity from his hands. He has great strength and battle prowess, and is greatly valued by comrades, even though he never stays around long after a battle for anyone to really know him. He has thick armor capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of firepower.

His speed and agility are his biggest disadvantages. He is very slow and lumbering due to the high level of armor he has. While his abilities  make him perhaps one the Lilwall's deadliest weapons, they are not without their drawbacks. They consume high levels of fuel which can limit them to only a one or two uses each, even if Recharge is at full capacity. The time delay to allow for such charges to build up is extensive after the first use, giving enemies time to recover or counterattack. He must take careful mind of his surroundings when using these abilities, as any local wildlife or plant life can also be effected, especially in wet environments. As he has only been called on rarely and usually separates as soon as his task is complete, it is unknown if he has other weaknesses.

Art by Markatron. Colours by Admiral Lilwall.