RECHARGE - 'Oh I'm sorry, did I smash you? Yeah, oops.'

SUBGROUP: Electrobot
FUNCTION: Energy Creation and Storage

The most unpredictable of the Electrobots, Recharge can change moods at the blink of an eye, making him hard to approach or interact with more often than not. While he always has the best of intentions, some comrades prefer to keep their distance from him. Others will joke that all the energy he stores within him has had an adverse effect on his mental processors. Even when in a good mood, Recharge is a difficult robot to be around. Seems to have a never ending supply of smart ass comments, criticism of others and his job. Volts seems capable of keeping him silent and at an extended peace. Recharge pays little attention to what others think of him, and focuses on being someone whom he feels comfortable with. He loves a good fight and can bore easily. Like with most combiner groups, Recharge manages to be closely befriended by his fellow Electrobots above any other Lilwall member.

In robot form, he has a great deal of strength and is not one to be argued with unless there was an easy escape route nearby. In this form, he carries a plasma stream gun that can leave armor with large melted holes. Can either take or give energy through his hands, allowing for quick recharge in combat for his allies, or a rapid drain for enemies. In armadillo form, he is practically unstoppable. Dense solar panel armor protects him a seemingly endless barrage of weapons fire while also drawing energy from the sun. Recharge is, essentially, a walking, talking battery. The levels of energy he can contain are seemingly endless. Combines with fellow Electrobots to form Sparkstorm.

Should he ever become over turned in armadillo form, he is extremely vulnerable. His under armor is very lite. In both robot and armadillo modes, he is slow and an easy target, which annoys him greatly given that he likes to remain fairly active. This is also works against him as he is often also a target because of his energy abilities. His constant snide remarks leave him with very little friends.

Art by Markatron. Colours by Admiral Lilwall.