MINDTRIBE - 'Enter the mind of your enemy and victory will be yours.'

SUBGROUP: Adaptitron
Psychological Warfare

Mindtribe is cool and calm under pressure, and the more pressure there is, the better he performs. His quick thinking combined with brilliant tactical know how, makes him a deadly opponent for enemies, and a valued member of the team for his comrades. While he could not be described as quiet, he is neither outspoken, and respects the command chain, and the decisions made by them. Can 'get into the head' of enemies almost as soon he spots them, and can turn their own thoughts and feelings against them. No one knows his true origins or age, not so much because it is hidden, but because it has never come up in conversation. He is wise, and never takes risks unless he's confident he can get away with them. Likes to keep his mind fresh with a variety of different past times. He is a fan of many Earth authors, despite the fact he can always determine the villain of a story before the end of chapter two. Enjoys a number of other Earth activities, such a chess, solitaire, numerous types of football, yoga, and even jogs for miles on end in beast mode when he can make time for it.

In robot mode, he is armed with a stun whip, and a particle displacer blaster. The blaster has a range of only a few hundred meters, and is more effective the closer to a target it is used. In either robot or tiger mode, he has decent speed and armor for his role. He has enough agility to keep him out of harm's way when it comes to the foes with much more powerful weaponry.As an Adaptitron, he can form the limb of any standard five team combiner, acting as an emergency replacement should the need ever arise.

While Mindtribe seems to have few downsides, he does suffer from some of the more general problems for beings of robotic nature. Moist environments can cause rust spots, particularly in his joints. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below minus forty degrees centigrade can quickly turn his metal brittle. He also suffers from an ancient Cybertronian circuit disorder for which there is no cure. Replacing the troubled circuits, which can erratically pulse excess energy at random, has proven ineffective since the disorder was first discovered, millions of years ago.

Art by Mark Wong.