DISCHARGE - 'The bliss of the undersea calm is all I need.'

SUBGROUP: Electrobot
Hydroelectrician / Security

Discharge is a quiet robot, speaks only when he feels he has something important to say. Everything he sets himself out to do is carefully analyzed and thought through to ensure he completes the task the best he can. While certainly not introverted, he does prefer his own company and the peace he feels whenever operating under the surface of water. If it were up to him, he'd probably stay undersea forever. Whenever he is troubled, Discharge can always be found redesigning, or maintaining one of his many hydroelectric power stations. While there are many Cybertronians who are brilliant engineers and scientists, none are quite so specialized or capable in the ways of hydro-electrical technology.  Despite his distaste for combat he is an effective soldier and is selfless in action. Can be battle ready within a nano click's notice and leap into the line of fire for the greater good or life of an innocent. He loves marine life and happily protects it to the best of his ability. 

In manta ray mode, Discharge is as fast under water as cheetah is on land and can move through water in robot mode like a flier can through air. He has three electrical discharge nodes on each manta wing which make him lethal to touch, overloading any unwanted mechanical being's circuits. A touch from his tail end delivers a potent electrical current virus. In robot mode, he carries a medium yield electromagnetic pulse blaster, that causes serious damage to anything with microchips. He is capable of using his manta ray form on land, however it is slow and awkward. Combines with fellow Electrobots to form Sparkstorm.

Discharge suffers from self inflicted loneliness, mainly due to the fact he says little, and finds being around others during conversation to be boring. When using his manta ray mode on land, his discharge nodes are far less effective. Demands incredibly high standards of his own work and is greatly disappointed when one of his creations fails. He is fairly lightly armored.

Art by Markatron. Colours by Admiral Lilwall.