CHAINSAW - 'If the point isn't me, there's no point at all.'

FUNCTION: Infantry

After leaving Cybertron many years ago, Chainsaw came across a planet whose inhabitants were weak and primitive organics. Revered by them as a god, Chainsaw became very lazy as time went by, and does little of anything if it won't directly benefit him. He named the planet Bloodway, but has never said why, and doesn't intend to. After almost a century of harsh and cruel ruling, Bloodway fell victim to a meteor strike that destroyed everything, including his subjects. He soon left Bloodway and made his way back to Cybertron, stopping by another planet on the way where he found Freewind. The pair became friends, though no one knows how they can stand each other. Chainsaw is not very likeable, would rather just sit around than fight. He is arrogant and self righteous, befriended only by Freewind. He does nothing for anyone but himself, not even Freewind. He joined Guardian Corps with Freewind only for the money, but is relatively unprepared to go out and help earn it.

In robot form, he is armed with a pair of arm mounted shrapnel blasters that spray shards of metal at high speeds. In jet form, razors along the edges of his wings can either be stationary, or rotate around the rim of his wings at very high speeds, hence his name. These blades are diamond tipped, and can rip deep gashes into most substances, or slice them in two depending on how thick the said substance is. He can reach a top speed of mach 2 in an atmosphere, and almost twice that in space.

After having become so lazy after ruling over Bloodway, he is fairly ineffective as a warrior, yet is not to be underestimated. Without the proper care, his razors can become unable to rotate. He general attitude and laziness are his biggest weaknesses.

Robot mode by Dez6. Alt mode by Dissever.