BODYSHOCK - 'What lies in our past may save our future.'

SUBGROUP: Electrobot
Electrobot Commander

Bodyshock has a tendency to be moody. Sometimes he has a charming and pleasant nature, but also displays a snappish, grumpy nature as well. While overall a decent bot, he is the sort some either like or don't. He is naturally curious about the world around him, seeking to learn all he can about whatever strikes his interest at the time. While this isn't usually a problem, there have been times where he has become distracted from a task over something he found interesting. On the battlefield, Bodyshock has proven to be quite cunning. He prefers a more defensive style of combat, but is quite capable of more forceful measures to get the job done. Admiral Lilwall gave Bodyshock command of the newly formed Electrobots in order to help try and give him a better focus in his day to day duties.

In panther mode, Bodyshock has great agility, easily capable of maneuvering past almost any obstacle. He tail is tipped with a razor sharp blade while his teeth and claws can also make short work of enemies. In either form, he can make use of his EMP Rifle, which has a range of 800 meters. When engaged in melee combat, he can charge his body with electrical energy, delivering a shock to enemies that may land a strike against him. Durable titanium armor plating allows him to take a good deal of physical punishment before succumbing to an opponent. Bodyshock forms the centerpiece of Sparkstorm.

Bodyshock is often too harsh on himself when he fails at something. This coupled with his moody nature often tends make others keep their distance from him. He would like a greater circle of friends, but doesn't realize he puts others out by these mood swings and self doubt. He cannot use his electrical ability in wet environments without causing himself damage.

Art by Markatron. Colours by Admiral Lilwall.